Polycom HD Phones

Polycom HD Phones

Recently Polycom has declared appearance of Polycom HD Voice technology, its brand new audio technology for dedicated telephones that brings massive improvements into audio quality to regular business application desktop phone systems. Polycom HD Voice phone solutions are created evolving advanced technologies that Polycom has worked on more than 15 years, accumulating an experience in voice, and particularly VoIP communications.
New Polycom phones will introduce set of innovations in areas of wideband audio, enhanced signal processing, Acoustic Clarity Technology, technologies for full duplex in transparent execution, sound echo cancellation, dynamic noise reduction, automatic adjustments of microphones etc. Specialized integrated system purposed to deliver utmost clarity and richness into Polycom VoIP phones. Fore instance, Polycom VoIP desk phone SoundPoint IP 650 being a middle rated business desktop VoIP phone, is rated as equal or superior than these top ranking conference phones of other vendors.

As officials of Polycom company said during presentational conferences on new Polycom technologies, yet two thirds of common human audio frequencies, accepted by average human ear in normal speech are beyond the comprehension capabilities of public telephone networks. Somehow people are accustomed to mediocre performance of common phones. Polycom introduces an ambition to change that attitude and tolerance, widening the borders of audio spectrum in its new Polycom produced HD VoIP phones. All company laboratories are aimed to smash the quality framed barriers.
Polycom HD VoIP phones implement the principles of expanded frequencies response range not only in the upper frequency registers, which is quite similar to other methods of high-quality voice elaborating, but also in the lower register, which is not covered by explorations. It was widespread scientific opinion, that the lower ranges of frequencies simply increase background noise collaterally with unwanted noise enhancing. But Polycom has executed research to find out, that a discreet expansion in the lower registers can considerably improve the quality of voice without noticeable increasing of background sounds.
Polycom managers mentioned in their official addresses, that Polycom HD Voice technology is the next generation in VoIP , demonstrating to customers, that VoIP quality of communications can be totally superior than classical phones.
First Polycom HD VoiP phone SoundPoint IP 650
The SoundPoint IP 650’s desk phone from Polycom uses unique micro-browser that provides managers and executive users the ability to access any XHTML- based applications. The Polycoms SIP VoIP phone 2.0 software supports Microsoft Live telephony Communications Server 2005, and interoperable with Microsoft Office Communicator instant messenger software. Additionally, this Polycom VoIP phone is equipped with USB port for open architecture applications.
The SoundPoint IP 650 VoiP phone contains six lines in a single application mode and up to 12 lines or 24 collateral simultaneous calls if equipped with SoundPoint IP Expansion Modules, having capacity of three such modules to be connected. The Policom VoiP desk phone supports telephony concept of shared call, or bridged line techniques that introduce effective interaction between executives and administrative people and the busy lamp field (BLF) functions, that enables phone users to follow the on-hook and off-hook status of basic contacts and distribute incoming calls for those contacts more efficiently.

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