LifeSize Softphone

LifeSize Softphone

LifeSize Softphone offers support for Full HD, a simple and intuitive interface and improved data encryption. All this means that remote users of mobile PC and Mac computers, wherever they may be, have the opportunity to interact in a completely safe environment.

In today's rapidly changing world, fast communication becomes ever more important for the prosperity of companies. At times when more and more people work remotely from the main office of a company - at home, in a hotel or on a trip a question of connectivity becomes important.
LifeSize Softphone gives the mobile PC and Mac users all the features high definition video collaboration and allows them to participate in video conferences directly from their computers from anywhere in the world, thus providing high definition video conferencing.
LifeSize Softphone is the most perfect to date standalone application that is designed to work together with desktop computers. It allows high-definition video calls on a professional level, and 1080p enables communication in a realistic, as close as possible to the live communication environment. It has a rich set of compatibility tools - joint data processing support in real time, multilateral communications, recording of conferences with multiple participants and the export of such materials. All this encourages communications and provides access to high-definition video across the organization. LifeSize Softphone user interface allows perfect management of contacts with the convenient directory service. To make a call, simply click on its name, it also provides call control features such as setting two calls on hold and switch to continue the communication. Due to its openness and interoperability, as well as full support for standards, LifeSize Softphone ensures that HD videoconferencing is available to everyone everywhere.

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