Teles. VoIPBOX Bri VoIP Gateway

Teles. VoIPBOX Bri VoIP Gateway

VoIPBOX BRI is a high quality feature rich VoIP gateway, which can be integrated into your clients’ telephone environment without making any changes to existing hardware footprint. This is the ideal solution for small and medium businesses, looking for a transition to sustainable cost effective telephone infrastructures. This device can be configured with 1 or 2 BRIs as TE (Terminal Endpoints) and up to 4 BRIs as NT (Network Termination) devices, meaning that a single device is capable of providing up to 8 VoIP channels.

If you decide investing in this device you will be able to keep your current PBX infrastructure. The VoIPBOX BRI is fully packed with features and it requires no upgrades or any add-ons. The system should be installed between the PSTN and PBX, and it will connect you existing PBX to the internet as it is. It takes only a couple of minutes to install the VoIPBOX BRI, and you are ready to make your first calls. You just have to connect the cables and the power to make physical installation complete. Afterwards yo have to use the Quickstart tool or the built in Web based GUI in order to complete the basic configuration. In order to fine tune the routing configuration you can use GATE manager. Also you can use NMS (Network Management System) to provision bulk installations remotely.
This device has LCR (Least Cost Routing) features that automatically find the cheapest route to a chosen destination, and it makes no difference if it is via Internet or fixed line network. In case if you will be disconnected from you VoIP network server, this device will route all calls via PSTN.
High quality of audio voice is ensured by the support of various codec, echo cancellation and silence suppression.

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