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Snom One

Snom One plus
Snom ONE plus is a telephone system (PBX), based on SIP protocol, designed as a universal hardware solution, which includes various options for connecting to PSTN: using analog, PRI (E1, T1, J1), BRI ports. When used with the Snom IP-phone it is a reliable and easy to install solution.

Snom One blue Snom One blue is an integrated software solution with unlimited expansion options. Snom One blue supports an unlimited number of extensions and a multi-user mode for companies. This solution is flexible enough to manage the growing business. It is aimed to meet the complex requirements of corporate telephony, such as intense scalability, reliability and ease of use. This is an excellent choice for growing companies that want to maximize the impact of economies of scale Snom One yellow It is a comprehensive software solution with over 20 extensions. Full set of Snom One yellow is optimized for small businesses and supports more than 20 extensions. This communication solution combines the usual services of Snom and multifunction capabilities of digital communications specially developed for large companies.

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2N Blue Tower

2N Blue Tower2N BlueTower is the optimal solution for medium-sized companies with a high frequency of calls to mobile networks. This is a GSM / UMTS gateway, which can significantly reduce the cost of telephone calls. Its efficient router is able to find the cheapest connection route and will always use the most favorable direction (SIM-card).

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