Snom M9

Snom M9

Snom M9 represents the next generation of portable DECT devices that provide users with the convenience of wireless communications, as well as a full range of benefits of VoIP-telephony. As with all Snom products, M9 model has excellent voice quality.

Through the combination of professional features with intuitive mobile devices, Snom M9 is perfect for both professional and private use. With such features of the model as hands-free mode, incoming call identification (CLI), and the image of the caller, as well as address book, calendar, calculator and alarm clock, Snom M9 ensures the perfect balance of mobility and accessibility.
Snom M9 provides clear communication through the use of a dedicated DECT bandwidth. In addition, Snom M9 delivers typical advantages of DECT devices, such as long operating time in standby mode, and excellent voice quality, thus providing an advantage over WLAN-solutions. Operating range of the access point of Snom M9 is about 50m indoors and 300m in open air (depending on the topology of a building).
Snom M9 VoIP phone is very user friendly. Thanks to a backlit keyboard and color LCD display, wireless phone is equally ideal for companies as well as for SOHO-environment. The menu interface is intuitive, and five navigation keys provide easy access to most of the phone functions, eliminating the hassle of finding a desired item on the whole menu. In addition, the USB interface and capacious flash memory provide excellent potential for further extensibility of the system.
In addition, Snom M9 has the ability to integrate with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2, making it the only wireless telephone in the market with such function. Another advantage of Snom M9 - the terminal already supports new IPv6 protocol. These features combined with automatic download of configuration make Snom M9 a truly unique wireless device.

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