Sangoma Netborder Lync Express

Sangoma Netborder Lync Express

Lync Express is an integrated device that provides basic features required in any Lync deployment. The solution includes a Microsoft Windows 2008 Server, Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and Sonoma NetBorder Express VoIP Gateway. Standalone device Lync Express supports up to 100 users is equipped with E1/T1/J1 a compatible digital telephony segment to connect to the public telephone network. Lync Express also supports four FXS lines for any phone or fax number, in case of need or emergency.

Lync Express not only eliminates the need for an external gateway, but also it simplifies the management and configuration of all aspects of deploying Lync. Sonoma proven auto-detection and configuration features, inherent for NetBorder products, make this device ideal for corporate users and service providers who want to facilitate the Lync settings.

"Companies are constantly looking for opportunities to leverage existing systems while increasing productivity and efficiency of the new services, such as those available with Lync", - said Julien Nephtali, Product Manager at Sonoma. "Sonoma has a long history of connecting heterogeneous network technologies, protocols, and can easily integrate all IP-Lync ecosystems with existing TDM or IP-PBXs based PSTN connections. Lync Express device is the ideal solution to overcome these differences of networks and systems in an intuitive and seamless connectivity. "

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Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging This is a combination of several message transfer forms (SMS, fax, voicemail, video chat) into one interface available on several sets.

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