Plantronics CS520

Plantronics CS520

With the release of Plantronics CS520 its producer once again raised the bar requirements for headsets for desk phones, ensuring users in a new degree of freedom of movement. This model features advanced audio technology and stylish design along with high reliability. For long conversations Plantronics CS520 is the best solution in an active call-center or in the office. The presence of two speakers in this model ensures that no external noises will interrupt an important conversation.

Natural sound of voice and a superior voice transmission of Plantronics CS520 headset are provided by most modern audio technology. Thus, advanced Digital Signal Processing (Enhanced Digital Signal Processing - EDSP) is responsible for processing the sound coming from the noise-canceling microphone, while the CAT-iq technology fulfills its transmission in a wide-range (synergy of these two components and is expressed in the highest voice quality). In turn, SoundGuard Digital technology is there to protect people from noise above 85 dBA and sound surges above 118 dBA.
Another useful function of CS520 series allows you to organize a small conference - in fact the same base system can register up to four headsets.
Still, the main highlight of this model is the ability to move from the work desk to a distance of 120 meters due to the implementation of the DECT wireless technology standard. The user continues to be protected from the noise of Wi-Fi networks, and to keep enjoying the best sound available in its class.
CS520 system has an adaptive power system, which regulates the battery consumption itself (depending on the duration of a call and the distance from the headset base). Time of the headset can be further increased through the ability to switch modes with a broadband signal to narrowband.
Acceptance of a remote call
Plantronics CS520 wireless headset can be connected to the phone, along with a standard telephone handset, so if you want to call, you can use a regular phone or switch to the headset and back.
In order to remotely answer the call, in addition to a wireless headset one needs a micro lift (a special device that connects to the base unit and headset ensures the acceptance/end button on the headset signal).

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