Panasonic KX-UT670

Panasonic KX-UT670

In January 2012, the North American division of Panasonic, a market leader in phone systems for small businesses announced a new desktop SIP-phone KX-UT670 and thus expanded its line of SIP UT phone series. This newest offering is the first desktop SIP – phone made by Panasonic, with an open source operating system allowing you to deploy integration solutions for business communications.

Panasonic positions KX-UT670 phone as a communication device for business, which can be effectively used in areas such as retail, education, healthcare or hospitality.
Using a high-quality (H.264/720P) display and up to 16 cameras integrated into Panasonic Network Security system, allows managers monitoring the location of a store or office, or even home. Users can choose either the image obtained from a specific camera or images obtained from different cameras, which will be shown one after the other on the display. Similarly, the school or educational institutions can monitor the classes or lectures from their offices, watching video, obtained from Panasonic PTZ network video cameras. If necessary, users can control the camera rotation, tilt, and the zoom of the camera directly from the phone.
When used in hospitals and hotels KX-UT670 phone gives users the ability to install applications in order to improve levels of service, such as a system to call a nurse or a system allowing room orders.
KX-UT670 phone has a large 7-inch touch screen LCD-display, which allows you to easily change the settings of the phone, or install applications. Open source operating system uses Java, one of the most popular programming languages, which allows any company to install and use a variety of business applications, or even to develop software for the needs of the company. Applications can be downloaded to your phone using SD-card. Users can also use the opportunity to connect to the Internet through a browser, and to check email through the phone.
Using a commercial or open-source PBX, users can install and configure the phone system of KX-UT670 by themselves. Two 1 GB Ethernet ports (GbE), and Power over Ethernet (PoE) make it easy to connect a second device. Also the KX-UT670 phone has additional features and attributes: support for three-way conference, phone book, a long handset cord, anti-slip stand, wall mount, and the ability to mount under angle.

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