LifeSize Team

LifeSize Team

LifeSize Team is a high-definition video-communication system, developed specifically for dispersed project teams and staff interacting through small conferences.

As of today, the various groups of employees need regular face to face meetings in order to achieve challenging project objectives. The availability of opportunities to interact effectively and quickly to make important decisions is of paramount importance to success.
LifeSize Team brings together small groups and organizations, allows them to communicate effectively at a distance. Be it the slightest change in facial expressions or body position, LifeSize Team provides collaboration and mutual understanding for all participants of the conference.
LifeSize Company developed an easy-to-use video communications system. You can make a call to remote participants via an integrated LifeSize Phone speakerphone, connect computers and cameras in order to provide your colleagues with multimedia files or documents and everything will be distinctly seen and heard.

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Matrix SETU VGFX8404

Matrix SETU VGFX8404Matrix presents SETU VGFX - Gateway in a separate body with seamless connectivity to VoIP, GSM and POTS (FXO and FXS). SETU VGFX supports a flexible and optimal routing to provide the most economical communication network.

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