LifeSize LG Executive

LifeSize LG Executive

Under the concept of LifeSize, the true benefits of videoconferencing are realized only at general availability of high definition video: for each employee working from a remote location, the conference room, the workplace and the remote office. LG Executive decision based on LifeSize ® brings us closer to the realization of this concept.

By combining industry-leading LifeSize HD video technology with productive LG monitor, we get a smart, simple and optimized videoconferencing system.
All LifeSize endpoints provide excellent HD video quality at low bandwidth. LG Executive solution based on LifeSize - is no exception. Following its concept that the HD video communications must be as easy and natural as talking on the phone, we present a solution at an affordable price, allowing everyone in your organization to make HD video calls. You will not have to buy expensive infrastructure solutions, or replace your existing system. LG Executive solution based on LifeSize - a "point to point" communication system, compatible with existing videoconferencing systems and the local IP-PBX.
Consider the possibility of high-definition video with immersive effect, accessible at work, and not creating any difficulties in the deployment. They combined endpoint LifeSize video device, a camera and a microphone with an elegant LG24” display, creating a solution working in your environment. You can replace your monitor with it put it on the desk in the office, or use in any workplace. LG Executive: works exactly there where you work!
Who can afford significant interruptions during work? LG Executive solution based on LifeSize not only optimizes the workplace, but also your daily activities. Through high definition video system you can communicate with colleagues in the head office, show presentations and other important data via LifeSize ® Virtual Link ™ during the call, and then return to your PC and finalize the offers. If you have to pass an important message to many people live and on-demand? Record your message in a HD-video format with LifeSize ® Video Center is just one click. And all this is possible in your workplace, with a LG Executive solution, and without losing a single valuable moment.

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