Jabra PRO 9465

Jabra PRO 9465

Jabra PRO 9465 Duo is the first series of wireless office headsets, which is equipped with a user-friendly touch screen and touch sensors for simple call management.

Today's business cards often contain different numbers of desktop, mobile and softphones. What does it lead to? While you are trying to take the call on the mobile phone, the caller terminates the call and begins to call to your desktop phone! Jabra PRO 9465 Duo headset is designed to meet the needs of office workers and helps to get rid of many problems. Thanks to Multiuse technology, all telephone calls from various phones are received on the same headset. Just tap the talk button and start talking.
The base connects to your headset via DECT technology, which is characterized by reliability, and long-range wireless connection of up to 150 m equipped with a master touch screen SmartSetup allows connecting to the various phones and selecting the original settings. Once the base is turned on, colored icons on the screen and intuitive menu make call handling easy.
Several modern audio technologies provide unsurpassed clarity and stability of calls using Jabra PRO 9465 Series Duo headsets. The modern technology of noise reduction and advanced digital signal processing practically eliminates all background noise, allowing to always clearly hear your voice. Wideband audio for crystal-clear sound, technology protects your hearing by SafeTone suppress sudden loud noise and maintain a safe medium strength of sound effects throughout the day.

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