Digium G100

Digium G100

Digium VoIP gateway was created on a blend of the Asterisk Open Source communications engine and state of the art embedded platform, G100 provides the best value for the Asterisk connectivity.

The G100 gateway's software has a base of the Asterisk communications engine and is controlled with the help of Digium’s intuitive point & click GUI interface, that ensures easy navigation and simple setup process. G100 has a power saving design with extremely efficient DSP taking care of media related operations.
The G100 Gateway comes with a T1/E1/PRI interface and is able to provide support for up to 30 simultaneous connections. It was build to support SIP-to-SIP, SIP-to-TDM and TDM-to-SIP application connections. When deployed in TDM-to-SIP environment the G100 gateway considerably decreases running costs by connecting a SIP trunking devices to business telephone system. While at SIP-to-TDM deployment it uses the VoIP gateway for connecting T1/E1/PRI services from legacy carriers with modern SIP communications system.

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