Cisco SPA8000 Gateway

Cisco SPA8000 Gateway

VoIP Gateway Cisco SPA8000 – is a perfect solution as for communication operators as well as for VoIP telephony providers and any business using VoIP telephony with SIP protocol. Despite the fact the SPA8000 has 8 configurable SIP lines, in reality this device can support up to 16 active calls and possibility of a 3way conference. And pre-installed, by Cisco, services allow you to broaden and improve the possibilities of you regular analog phones and other communication tools, such as cordless phones or fax machines.

Due to its support of various codecs, gateway SPA8000 ensures highest quality of sound independently from the conditions of the Internet connection. Given model can act as a intermediate between interactions of various phone hardware, starting from analog phones up to voicemail system, PBX and IVR menu system.
Types of Connection:
Providing telephone connection to 8 workers or work stations, by the way of direct connection to Cisco SPA8000 gateway of regular phones and fax machines; increasing quantity of phone lines by the way of connecting Cisco SPA800 to available free ports of any PBX. This scheme not only increases the number of outgoing line, but also allows saving significant amount of money on outgoing long distance and international calls through SIP telephony. While using SPA8000 even the strictest customer will be assured of the fact that he is having the fullest specter of services, because this device includes in itself all most widely used and general features and possibilities. SPA8000 support a software update up to the latest version.
One of the main requirements, which is imposed by the customers is the security, therefore Cisco, bestowed this device with a reliable method of data enryption, due to which the high level of communicatio security is ensured. The reliability of Linksys by Cisco, simplicity and convenience of configuration through Web interface make this device a very good solution for setting up a VoIP system in any organization.

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