Advantages of VoIP Gateway

Advantages of VoIP Gateway

Concerning practical implementation, the VoIP gateways have proven to be the best. Many companies are successfully using the IP telephony thanks to its two main characteristics Decrease in international and long distance call cost expenditures Stable communications between company’s offices throughout different cities and counties

First advantage: Reduced Expenditures While making business call, you dial a number on you mobile or work phone. In the first case you use corporate cell phone connection, in the worst case you’re calling for your own money. In the next case the call will overcome few operators of international/long distance connection.
VoIP technology allows avoiding the extra expenses on long distance calls. It transforms the voice traffic from traditional telephone networks to IP-networks or simply to the Internet. And therefore for such purposes it uses VoIP gateway. Currently long distance and international calls are much less expensive using IP telephony instead of traditional telephony. In Russia it is 3 to 5 times cheaper, and the cost of international call is 10 to 30 times lower. VoIP gateway is going to become the ultimate problem solving tool.
Second Advantage: Company’s offices are always connected It’s all obvious here. First, the communication costs. If you have to communicate within the country, than two VoIP gateways are configured the way in order to work with each other directly. The phone call costs will be covered by the same amount as the Internet traffic. Second, IP telephony is much simpler in use and it allows communication between several people simultaneously. What to do when there are problems?
Of course, there might be some problems with the access to the network. So in order to keep work flow, the most of the gateways have the reserve channel, which is activated only when there are problems with the data network.
With IP telephony you get the functions of the security of the personal data (user authorization, access lists). Additionally VoIP gateway will ease such a routine procedure as Fax sending (Fax over IP)
VoIP Gateway – the advantages of using the IP telephony Significantly reduced costs to the business, such as the budget for the telephone communications. Voice traffic over Internet makes the work process more mobile. You can organize conference call session between several workers of the company places in different locations.
Compactness, by using VoIP gateway you will unite the telephones of the offices into a single number plan. With the help of VoIP gateway you can create you personal in-house contact center. Doing so will provide your business with additional opportunities.

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Mobile Phone/Desk Phone Integration

Mobile Phone/Desk Phone Integration Integration of the phone set (cell or land line) into the company phone system. For instance, if it is impossible to find a person by the office phone, then with the help of the integrated cell phone one can set a call redirection to a cell or another telephone number, in case if that telephone is also unavailable the call will be redirected to a voice mail.

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