What means Softswitch?

What means Softswitch?

Flexible commutator Softswitch is one of the main next-generation communications network NGN parameters and it is already a good alternative device to the systems management services in the traditional ATC calls both in price and functionality, and scalability, service quality, dimensions, and the use of energy and cost of technical exploitation.

But the main reason for the success of Softswitch on the market is its ability to reconcile different signaling protocols as the network of the same type, for example, under conjugation Networks H.323 and SIP, and the interaction of channel switching (OKC7 protocols) with IP-networks (protocols SIP, MGCP , Megaco/N.248, BICC, H.323).
To define what means Softswitch - is not as easy as you might think about it. This term means a control unit and a new approach to the network, providing an effective voice, video and information and has high potential for the deployment of new services (mentioned above) as the trend.
President of Lucent Technologies Jack Murphy has identified Softswitch as a system intended to separate the functions of connection management from functions of commutation able to serve up to 100 thousand users and to support open standards, and therefore to interact with application servers.
This definition is quoted for the first time, because exactly Lusent Technologies Corporation has demonstrated at CeBit 2001 Exhibition first software commutator Softswitch, which is ready for use as a commercial product. This Softswitch is a comprehensive programmable control system that allows operators to quickly establish and introduce new services on their networks IP and ATM. The first operating companies which deployed softswitches skilled areas have been companies Worldcom and Level 3. Fred Briggs, technical director of company Worldcom, defined the concept of Softswitch much easier: Softswitch - it's just big and fast routers. And the definition of Level 3 is as follows: Softswitchs - the servers which control various isochronous traffic flows. As you can see, the last two definitions significantly differ from the definition of Jack Murphy.
Moreover, the term Softswitch is the name of a commercial product, for example, Lucent Softswitch, and naturally, manufacturers do not always like the use of the term as a commonly recognized, however, same thing happened with other registered brands of Lucent terms - 'multi-frequency Dial`(Touch Tone) or 'electronic switching system` (ESS).

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