How Much Does PBX Cost?

How Much Does PBX Cost?

When shopping for the perfect PBX system, you are most likely considering IP PBX over bulky and expensive antique methods. However, the pricing schemes are both confusing and concerning, as you are unsure what you are looking at when trying to price different services out. Luckily enough, the biggest business telephone systems vendors use plans to determine prices, and these plans can be easily compared to competitors.

Hosted PBX
The best option for mid sized and startups is something known as hosted PBX systems. This service will generally start at very low prices and progressively get more expensive. Although there are free PBX options out there, for most business purposes you can expect to spend about ten dollars per month for most starting packages, but these only include a handful of extensions. To get more, you'll have to spend more. These services do not include any of the hardware required, including telephones and phone lines, so that will need to be factored in as well.
Non-hosted PBX
This is the best option for larger businesses as you can contain everything in house. If you deal with confidential or otherwise sensitive information, it only makes sense that you would not want to have a third party company be able to keep track of your business's phone calls. Of the non-hosted PBX options out there, NEC PBX and Panasonic PBX are two of the best choices.
While you can find PBX systems for around $300, you should expect to pay quite a bit more if you want a high quality one. The price that commands the most bang for your buck is in the $500-600 range, but you also have consider parallel costs as well. Support for the hardware, licensing fees, and other costs add up if not accounted for.

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