Mobile VoIP calls for BlackBerry OS made easy with VMobile Softphone app

Mobile VoIP calls for BlackBerry OS made easy with VMobile Softphone app

Bulgarian start up VMobile is entering the app market with WiFi & 3G calls solution.
It`s already crystal clear the Wi-Fi & 3G calls are the next big thing in telco industry. Rapid grow of smartphone market share made this solutions technically possible for both business and retail customers. Even huge telecom players look at Wi-Fi & 3G call as Over the Top /OTT/ solutions.

However users stand in front of basic problem and this is the bond between service and technology. Because of this you can find high quality Wi-Fi & 3G calls at costly service price or vice versa.

The Bulgarian start up plans to change this with its first release. It already debuted at BlackBerry App World as Wi-Fi client for owners of RIM made devices.

VMobile offers solution enabling voice communication between SIP number sticked to smartphone and other phone number. It is not another app to app communication.

This is especially useful when travelling or living abroad so you are able to call your homecountry without any roaming charges. Or to make much cheaper phone calls using your smartphone in the country where you have business to do.
VMobile Softphone for BlackBerry is paid mobile VoIP / SIP app, successfully working with BB OS 5, 6 and 7. With installed app, the smartphone can provide VoIP calls from any provider using Wi-Fi hotspots or 3G data.

With this app VMobile offers freedom for its customers, says Ivan Kiurkchiev, CEO of VMobile. He states the free access of information and data is key value for the community we live in. This way we can be more flexible, more effective and respectively – more successful.
The SIP client for BlackBerry stands out with perfect integration of the app in the device which is installed. It is also VPN (Virtual Private Network) friendly which means security even the calls are carried trough public WiFi hotspots. Bulgarian company also promises industry standard voice quality with PCMU/8000 audio codec support for calls made with the app. Among other features is complete BlackBerry interface integration with accessing the native device contact list. Volume control is possible with the standard BlackBerry buttons we used to.

For now, the Bulgarian start up company offers its application for BB OS 5, 6 and 7.

VMobile Softphone stands out with clean and simple interface and extremely easy installation and set up process. The app is offered for download with free 14 days trial version from BlackBerry World app market or from VMobile`s website. It must be connected with SIP server for having calls. After 2 week trial period expire, the app requires purchase with built in PayPall option.
Buying the VMobile Softphone, every user grants access to low cost and hassle free VoIP phone services in its own pocket.

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