Grandstream GXP 2120

Grandstream GXP 2120

GXP2120 is an IP Phone of a new generation. It has six lines, a large LCD screen with a 320x160 resolution, 4 programmable context-sensitive soft keys (XML), 7 programmable speed dial keys with BLF support, two network PoE ports and probability of five-sided conference.

GXP2120 provides a superior HD audio quality, high functionality, custom applications, automated provisioning for easy large-scale installations, enhanced security, and compatibility with most SIP devices and platforms from other manufacturers. This device is the flagship of the series and differs from other devices from the series by a large screen and support for up to six SIP accounts simultaneously.

Technical characteristics:
LCD display with a 320x160 pixel resolution, 8 levels of gray scale. Wide HD audio support, superb full-duplex speakerphone with advanced echo cancellation and excellent quality two-way conversation. Automated services (weather, stock quotes, exchange rate, RSS feeds, etc.), custom ringtones, back tones, music on hold using Internet streaming or local music, customizable screen content (XML), enhanced integration with the Internet applications.

Providers in database: 6433
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Dialogic I-Gate 4000 EDGE

Dialogic I-Gate 4000 EDGEMedia Gateway Dialogic I-Gate 4000 EDGE is a low-cost high-quality solution, which can be used as a border media gateway. Full support for all existing transmission standards and signaling VoIP traffic and the possibility of TDM telephony networking allows operators in development stage to effectively distribute CAPEX in the initial stages. This unit can handle up to 496 telephone calls simultaneously.

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Netherlands Easy Solutions BV

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