Router Technology

Router Technology

Network router transformed, from the device used only for connection between different networks, into a device capable of performing many additional functions. More and more customers of Cisco deploy routers with integrated network services – complex network routers, which transmit voice, video and data, ensure the Internet connection and provide Wi-Fi and other add-ons.

Technological advantages of the router with integrated network services.
Growing companies, especially if the open new offices, can use the benefits of Cisco routers with integrated network services – highest security, flexibility and future technology compatibility.
One device many functions: unification of several services in one body. Router Cisco ISR G2 offers wide range of services, including security, Wi-Fi, video, unified communications, optimizations of global network and adjustable virtual services in one device. Work speed of global network: corresponding to the requirements of global network and services of the next generation. Router Cisco ISR of second generation (ISR G2) ensures the 350Mbit/s connection to the global network, running several services simultaneously. Video: digital signal processors (DSP), built in platform on base of Cisco ISR G2 routers, expand the possibilities of video add-ons for business, including the streaming of video signal, digital informational panel, video surveillance and Telepresence function, due to the usage of T1/E1 channels. Virtualization of services: support model for the service delivery via help request with the help of innovational module Cisco Services Ready Engine (SRE) for expansion of adjustable services on request. Simplified management: managing the network from central location and simplification of error issues with help of unified universal image software Cisco IOS on Cisco ISR G2. The services are already built in to the router, or can be easily added. The company just needs to install one universal device instead of purchasing separate device for making all the functions.
The advantages of using the routers with integrated services, starting with reduce of capital and operational expenses up to the increase in results are felt in any size company. Moderate company with couple of offices will receive the same amount of benefits as a company with hundreds of offices.
Cisco routing system of operation class Industry-leading performance and support for advanced intelligent services. Optimal solution for service provides, working in all segments of the market. Support the ability the increase the performance up to 322Tbit/s Provides industry-leading performance while consuming less power and requiring less volume stands.
ASR 9000 Cisco Router Provides continuous transmission of video and scalability, as well as helps to reduce carbon emissions The optimal solution for wire line providers that offer services for residential and commercial sectors. Allows you to bring data rates up to 6.4 Tbit/s on the system and supports a comprehensive backup system. Offers unique intellectual functions at the level of services and applications. ASR 1000 Cisco Router Industry-leading performance, capacity to provide service and reliability. Ideal for large enterprises and service providers. Provides reliable high-performance, integrated services based on software implementation. New connection features with a high level of safety for shared work. XR 12000/12000 Cisco Router Allows you to implement virtualization with high levels of security and consistent access to services. Ideal for large enterprises and service providers. Uses architecture of Cisco I-Flex (PDF - 677 KB), which allows you to assign priorities for services of voice, video and data. Provides continuous system operation, and multiservice scale. 7600 Series Cisco router Advanced-level switch of a carrier-class perimeter. Ideal for service providers that offer services for residential and commercial sectors. Provides high performance with data rates up to 720 Gbit/s in a single chassis. There are bodies of different sizes, designed for ensuring high availability.

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