Cisco 7942G Unified IP Phone

Cisco 7942G Unified IP Phone

Cisco 7942G is an IP phone with complete functionality, it has a speakerphone and a handset, which was specially developed for broadband sound.

This IP phone model has 2 line keys with backlight and 4 soft keys ensuring users with access to various functions of the phone. It is worth pointing out few of the following characteristics of Cisco 7942G IP phone: Support of G.722 codec and iLBC (internet Low Bit Rate Codec). In comparison to G.729 and G.723.1, Cisco 7942GiLBC presents better opportunities of voice transfer, higher speed and minimal risk of data corruption. Enhanced dynamics and handsets. Cisco 7942G offers a high quality loudspeaker communication, wide range of sound, and sound itself is comparable to live Hi-Fi wideband audio. Wide range of functions and hints, help function, XML applications, support of 30+ languages and 24 types of ringtone. Cisco 7942G is capable of working with two lines simultaneously. LCD display with high resolution. Support of two extension modules. Dual-port switch Cisco 7942G Ethernet 10/100. Cisco 7942G headset.

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