SipTar CDR CallShop

SipTar CDR CallShop

SipTar CDR CallShop billing software ensures control of up to 16 cabins simultaneously, creation of invoices in real time and browsing the history of calls made by customers from each phone cabin.

Additionally it provides the functionalities of Administrator of Tariffs and Gains. Allows updating TRM and tariffs automatically, presents daily reports. This software has the possibility to be synchronized with Sipura or Linksys and allow enabling and disabling the phone cabins from the SipTar. Program provides options of configurable CDR per second, 15 seconds, 30 seconds or 1 minute. SipTar CDR CallShop can be used for online billing; it helps managers to have a better understanding of the calls which were made by the customers. More over the sofrware can be used in such places as hospitals and hotels. The SipTar supports many gateways of various producers.

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Return Call (*69)

Return Call (*69)The function of the return call allows you to quickly and comfortably connect to the person, who has called you as the last. Simply dial *69 (USA) in order to find out the number and the call time, after that press the “1” key to make the call. In case the number is busy, the system will try to reach the line during 30 minutes and when the person will be available, you will receive a signal and be connected.

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