Call Recording Systems

Call Recording Systems

Call Recording Systems and Voice recording equipment
Database Systems Corp. is one of the leaders of supplying call recording systems in frames of call center technologies and solutions. Company’s call processing solutions include integrated call recording systems into phone systems and PC telephony software. General feature of presented call recording system is ability to record phone conversations using just phone set.

This type of integrated call recording systems is reported to be state-of-the-art phone systems which are generally designated to complete feature set for Call center Solutions. Besides unique in-built call recording system, the Features of these systems are: predictive dialing, interactive voice response (IVR), automatic call distribution (ACD). Implementation of call recording system is an organic extension and feature of these products.
Call center recording is in fact vital part in modern call center of today, supervisors are able to monitor agent performance while performing quality of services provided assessment. Call recording systems allows to any authorized person to verify entries, confirmations, steadiness of communications and other characteristics.
Another in built option of devices, presented by Data Base system is call recording system with pre-programmed time delay, when user can adjust stand-by time of a phone’s call record system. As in a whole, all set of performances, presented in product of company, drastically improve common performance of Call center, wich has chosen this application for use.
On-line Call Monitoring
Using Data System equipment and particularly call recording systems, Call centers now have the option to record and process phone conversations in real time. System’s operators or Administration can selectively record specific agents, subordinates, certain campaigns or entities, on random basis, or even delegating to an agent with the ability to record on request, using current call recording system. Moreover, the recording options themselves could be customized in call recording system, to be in accordance with virtually any set of business rules or corporate ethics. Last not least, since Company’s digital call recording system was developed by DSC (Data System Corp.) , just one vendor provides support with no need to disperse maintenance efforts. Your personal applications of Call Recording System
Data System Corp. provides some options of Voice recording and feature of call monitoring have been added to Computer telephony phone systems (CTI) and softphone application development library. System Administrators can now include call recording and retrieval features in all PC applications plus Web, Linux/Unix etc.. Currently, Call recording system is being standard feature of any computer application where phone connectivity is required. Option of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Voice Broadcast Recording
Additionally to option of two way conversations during a regular call center phone operation, the Company’s call recording system is being used to record inbound messages, left by callers, by use of so called Interactive Voice Response solution. Moreover, in-built Voice Broadcast System prompts in-bound caller to leave a recorded message after guidance provided by means of menu played, to narrow search or topics options, this is unique option of call recording system, greatly improving flexibility and productivity of any calling campaigns. Call Recording System’s Features
Recording of Call center agents on line System of retrieval of phone communications Volume of recording memory is optimal User’s friendly operations Easy configuring of large in built storage Option of remote supervising and monitoring Searches to be executed by different options: bay calendar date or time, by agent, ranges of dates and times or combinations.

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