Asterisk GUI

Asterisk GUI

Mini Asterisk GUI A handy Web GUI with supportive documentation and quick learning cycle is called Mini Asterisk. Existing analog jacks and IP phones are defined automatically, and no procedures of Asterisk configuration are required.

Mini Asterisk GUI is “un featured” – it lacks many common options of the pro version. It starts up very basic installations fast and simple, for particular case studies. In case when Asterisk server is implemented on your home gateway/firewall/server. You look forward to connect several IP Phones and forward cheap phones calls via VOIP. An Asterisk Distro on a CD is alternative way, however it's not recommended to sacrifice a whole PC just for running it. You don’t feel eager to find out about Asterisk dial plan syntax and another associated configuration formats. A modest office already has a traditional analog phone system. You desire to upkeep your existing phone lines for accepting incoming calls, but you can use IP telephones for VoIP in order to make outbound phone calls. If you are enough qualified to install a DSL router yourself and not willing to call a “The Guy who sets up the phone” or “The Guy who sets up computers” technicians charging $100 per one hour for maintenance of presented phone system. Or you are that “Guy, who sets up the phone” technician who is not familiar Linux and Asterisk programs, but you still willing to install PBX of VoIP design.

Family of Asterisk GUI
There are several GUIs already. If you need an Asterisk GUI, which is friendly with the IP0X family, when you would decrease the technical skill necessary to execute all Asterisk Phone system relayed technical procedures. The IP0X is not capable of running a LAMP stack effectively so the GUI has to be light weight.
Mini GUI has the unique variety of features, which could be seen either bad or good from different perspectives
Being ‘’un- featured’’ it ignores most of the advanced options in sake of fast and easy configuration. It is light weighted, so it operates on embedded boxes like the IP0X product line. There is no requirement SQL database or PHP or LAMP. Just a web server with a very basic Perl has to be on site (microperl – no CPAN libraries). It operates directly on extensions.conf and sip.conf, but it will notice if you will make any edits with these files. It means, that all the massive options are available if you want to get inside Asterisk conf. files. It uses an intuitive nature, and tool tip documentation. It has no instuction manual. It requires no dedicated PC or not to be installed from a CD. Its ready to use as a GUI on a small SOHO Linux box, which is simulataneously your firewall, server or something else ItI indicates if there is a problem, in example, it provides notification, in case the Phone System can not find the Internet, or ITSP. Mini Asterisk GUI implements pre-configuration of extensions.conf and • sip.conf. The extensions of phone numbers are pre-configured and ITSP configurations are being taken from a scrolling menu. Auto detect of analog ports is enabled. This provides fast and simple option of adding phones and ITSPs.

Providers in database: 6433
Register VoIP Provider

Night & Holiday Service

Night & Holiday Service The function allows a different routing of calls during the night, festivities or holidays. The function activates in accordance with schedules set in customization menu.

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