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Zycoo is a professional manufacturer of VOIP, IP PBX products, IP phones, telephony cards etc

manufacturer of VOIP, IP PBX(FXO, FXS, GSM, E1, T1, BRI port), IP phones, telephony cards

OEM/ODM accepted, our website www.zycoo.com
contact email/MSN: jason.su@zycoo.com

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General office

Zycoo Co.,Ltd
Incubation park
sichuan ,610041

Phone: +86-28-85337096
Site: http://www.zycoo.com
Contact Person

Jason Su / sales
Phone: +86-13678180870
  • Hosted PBX Service Provider
  • E1/T1
  • Asterisk
  • IP PBX

Providers in database: 6433
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Linksys SPA 8000

Linksys SPA 8000Linksys SPA8000 is the multifunctional PBX for enterprises and small to medium businesses, which makes it easy to use VoIP telephony using broadband Internet access. Linksys SPA8000 is the best solution for businesses, service providers and VoIP telephony operators. PBX has 8 configurable lines, supports up to 16 active calls and the possibility of a 3-way conference.

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