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PBXMate software Sip Trunk for improving Audio Quality. Removes noise originated from external mobile phones or from the call center, keeps audio level at a comfortable level and removes echo.

Sip Trunk solution. Can be used to:

• Remove echo your users hear when making long distance calls or calls over WiFi.
• Shield your customers from the ambient noise in your call center.
• Enhance the audio quality in conference calls with multiple participants.
• Reduce background noise coming from external cellular phones.
• Maintain a comfortable audio volume at conference rooms regardless of the distance between the speakers and the microphone.
• Improve the accuracy of speech recognition engines.
• Monitor calls quality to alert, in real time, on low quality calls.

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38 Habrosh St.
Israel ,40600

Phone: +972-50-6692618
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Moses Benjamin / Director Marketing
Phone: +972-50-6692618
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Call Waiting

Call WaitingThe function is available in some telephone networks and it allows receiving the other call at the moment of the actual conversation by the method of setting the active call in the waiting mode or cancellation. This will let not to miss an important call and to agree upon time when it will be possible to call back.

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