Rovex Telecom United Kingdom

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General office

Rovex Telecom
Road Town
United Kingdom

Phone: 18665190125
Phone: 18665190125
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Sales Manager / Sales manager
Phone: 18665190125
Phone: 18665190125
  • International VoIP Wholesale Provider
  • VoIP Billing Software Provider
  • Billing Software
  • Call Routing VoIP Solutions
  • E1 Bulk Wholeseller
  • H.323 Softswitch & CPE
  • Cisco Systems
  • Billing system of own development

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Advantages of VoIP GatewayConcerning practical implementation, the VoIP gateways have proven to be the best. Many companies are successfully using the IP telephony thanks to its two main characteristics Decrease in international and long distance call cost expenditures Stable communications between company’s offices throughout different cities and counties

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