Pinnacle IP Solutions Canada

Hosted VOIP with Pinnacle IP Includes:Engineering and Design of Solution
Sets and Desk Top Appliances (Standard Models; buy headsets and phones in our Online Store)
"Pinnacle" LAN Readiness
"Pinnacle" Network Services
Implementation of Hosted Solution

Canadian Businesses are Reducing Costs, Enhancing Productivity and Improving Customer Service through Pinnacle IP Solutions. By creating a Unified Communications strategy, which eliminates the waste and inefficiencies associated with the current business model, companies are introducing advanced applications that drive business process improvement. Optimize your communications with Pinnacle IP Solutions.

Best in Class products and services, applications that drive business improvement and full cost justification with a unique Return on Investment (ROI) Strategy.

Find out how Canadian Customers are replacing old technology and outdated phone systems while reducing operating costs by 20-50%.

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General office

Pinnacle IP Solutions
200 Town Centre Blvd. Suite 101
Ontario ,L3R8G5

Phone: +1 416-309-2333
Phone: +1 888-261-5037
Contact Person

Kevin Watson / President & CEO
Phone: +1 416-309-2333
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  • International Call Blocking
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Outsourced Call CenterFor one time advertising promotions or typical requests it is easier to use services of the outsourced call center. Main advantage of such a service is that the company who rents it is free from the necessity of keeping the operators and organizing their work flow.

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