Mymplus VOIP Dba Momentum Plus Inc. United States

Mymplus VOIP is the next generation VOIP. Headed by Mr. Lance Lomako CEO of Momentum Plus Inc. The company deploys state of the art VOIP IPBX systems for Small and Medium sized companies

Lance Lomako designed a new type of VOIP platform for the Philippines market. Just recently launched the company already has clients such as Meralco, San Miguel, Nickel Asia Mining Company and many other large and many smaller companies. This is a VOIP business that allows people to start their own IT Franchise within the country of the Philippines and USA. In today''s economic recession it is very important to stay ahead of the curve financially. One might want to build their own secondary or primary business. Many of the Mymplus IT Franchises start out from their homes and others launch at a regular retail location or Sari Sari Store.

A person can start a VOIP IT Franchise for a little less than $90 USD. The Franchise partner will receive a full back office management portal and become their own full fledged VOIP provider. Have the ability to create a Tawag Station and charge people for making International Calls. IT Franchises can also make money through CCTV Security Cameras or setting up an Internet Network for Wifi and creating a personalized ISP. This is an advanced level business for someone who understands a bit about technology but wants to become part of an award winning business strategy that is taking off in the Philippines.

To find out more about the possibilities to grow with Mymplus VOIP IT Business, Contact us at the following:
Phone: 0927-574-2000
Landline: 842-6246

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General office

Mymplus VOIP Dba Momentum Plus Inc.
Carwin Street #12
San Mateo
CA ,94402
United States

Phone: +16506552181
Contact Person

Mike Ramos / IT Manager
Phone: +639275742000
Phone: +639275582554
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