iVox Communications Australia

iVox Communications is a privately funded company, formed in 2004 to build a national VoIP carrier grade network and provide wholesale services to internet and telephone service providers.

iVox Communications IP Telephony infrastructure is built around a nationwide TDM telephony back-haul network, with presence in all Australian call zones, as well as a nationwide MPLS data network for the fastest and most reliable IP communications available in Australia today. This backbone, coupled with iVox’s carrier-class soft-switches, has been engineered to deliver voice call quality equal to if not better than a standards POTS line.

End users are connected to our services via their broadband IP service provider, the public internet, or private network tails.

We terminate our calls in Australia and globally through a variety of carriers and are continually developing and improving these important relationships.

As a wholesale company we are focused on the requirements of our service provider partners and in particular, what solutions they need to meet their own customers expectations. With this in mind, we provide a range of hardware, systems, billing and support features that make life easy for service providers and their customers.

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General office

iVox Communications
110/330 Wattle Street
NSW ,2007

Phone: +61 2 8252 0200
Site: http://www.ivox.com.au
Contact Person

Gary Mills / BDM
Phone: +61 2 8252 0200
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Call Handling

Call HandlingThe handling of incoming and outgoing phone calls. The incoming calls are those which you receive from your clients. The outgoing ones – calls to your clients, suppliers and other contacts. The very service is provided by special companies, most often by telemarketing call service centres.

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