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Game changer , Engineeo sets new offering for both end users and the business communities unrestricting their choice from true cost savings, flexible and scalable solutions design.

When businesses consider voice over IP technology, they usually focus on the cost savings and challenges related to migrating from legacy telephony. Which is understandable, given how well legacy telephony has served businesses over the years. Although all business phones function the same way, VOIP provides a richer communications experience than legacy telephony, with SIP phones being an integral part of delivering that experience.

These are some of the top factors SMBs should consider when making a change:

Price: Although SMBs tend to be price-conscious, SIP phones are not a capitalized investment, unlike legacy phone systems. To get full value from VOIP, businesses should consider that the quality of their phones has a major impact on the user experience.

Features: Core features that provide a good everyday end-user VOIP experience include programmable keys, where VOIP is more flexible and feature-rich than legacy systems, and a high-quality display screen, where the size, backlighting and ease of navigation are key. Other features to watch for include multi-line support, support for other audio modes like speakerphones and headset jacks, along with volume controls for each, and power and connectivity options, like the ability to support Power over Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet speed.

Quality: Generally, you get what you pay for, but for SIP phones, but there are two specific aspects to consider: first, how well the phone delivers a quality experience for employees—in terms of durability and not needing frequent repairs or parts replaced; and second, projecting a professional image—which is important for SMBs and is reflected by aesthetics such as color, ergonomics and modern design.

Range of Models: For core everyday needs, vendors will usually offer a range, starting with entry-level phones providing basic features and a low price point. From there, you can add features at higher price points, with models targeted more at team leaders or executives.

VoIP Compatibility: Many providers specialize in hosted VOIP for SMBs but are not fully compatible with every SIP phone vendor. This will have implications for the VOIP features the service can actually support. As such, if certain VOIP features are must-haves for your SIP phones, you have to make sure the hosted provider can support them.

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