ELEXIM Bulgaria

We produce Windows XP based CallShop Billing for up to 8 Phones with LCD Displays which show the cost and the time.

The system is build of hardware and software.
Can be easy expandable and handles from 1 to 8 telephone lines:
● Works under WINDOWS XP.
● Real time billing and dialed numbers
● Ready for new call after paying
● Up to 4 price lists can be imported ,from EXEL file wich are used for billing
● Easy modifying the tax period ,with prepaid or free of charge.
● Creates user and administrator’s passwords.
● Creates data base for maked calls and prices.
● Exports the database information in EXEL or HTML format ,and resets the database.
● Option to work with database from another computer in LAN or server.
● Quick and easy change of displays logo promotions and more.
● Disconects the dial tone in the operator’s phone if needed or the SW isn’t started.

2. Hardware
● Main module – it makes the connections between the telephones ,lines ,displays and the computer
● Start billing methods – reverse of polarity.
● Connects externally to the computer serial port
● Easy installation using modular connections
● LCD 2x16 displays with backlight . They are near the telephones. On hook they show the LOGO ,realtime clock and the last call amount. When the phone is picked up and dials ,they show the dialed number and the conversation price and duration.

Optional Printer to print payment bills

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General office

Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd., 7th km, BIC IZOT

Phone: +359 2 9718880
Phone: +359 894305807
Site: http://www.elexim.com/producten.php?p=94&SESID=6gh1v30g2jhvr1mbdicnecirh5
Contact Person

Georgy Simeonov / Manager
Phone: +359 2 9718880
Phone: +359 894305807
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Call Shop Billing

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