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k,husain street

Phone: 962788528458
Site: http://www.dalasteam.com
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Sangoma Vega 100

Sangoma Vega 100Vega 100 is a new type of VoIP gateway, providing its users with flexibility in meeting business requirements for capacity, deployment, compatibility, and development in the future. Unlike competing products, this gateway provides maximum throughput - up to 30 channels for all supported VoIP calls without compromising the quality of services. Installation of Vega 100 does not interfere with the rest of the hardware and is completely transparent to end users.

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United States VoipEscrow.net

VoipEscrow2.net is the first of its kind for the industry. We feel that VoipEscrow2.net provides a safe, secure, and automated platform for buyers and sellers to conduct business. VoipEscrow2.net acts as a middle-man, protecting and assuring the buyer of

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