Continent Telecom Ltd. United Kingdom

Continent Telecom Ltd offers local phone numbers (DID) in 90 countries of the world.
Call forwarding to your mobile or landline phone. Forwarding to SIP and Skype is free. Fax forwarding to your e-mail.

Continent Telecom as branch of Telecomax Ltd. was founded in 2006 by a group of experienced, professional dynamic experts working in the telecom services area.

We realize that telecommunication industry develops in the most progressive way. Telecomax communication technologies are revolutionizing the communications industry because of our high performances and low costs. We use advanced elaborations and technologies only in our business base. We have developed and started up software which allows to route the calls on the advanced technologies base. We offer built-in online billing systems. Our company provides customer support service 24/7/365. We guarantee phone connection anywhere worldwide.

The telecommunication technologies which created the opportunity for instant telecommunication service have also destroyed the traditional phone costs on which businesses relied for phone calls retention. With low phone costs for the calls anywhere worldwide telecommunication service is becoming the key to developing and maintaining customer loyalty and to managing customer repurchase, recommendation, and retention.

Although telecommunication businesses are becoming aware of this critical need, few have developed a plan, much less an infrastructure, to respond adequately to the volume or the specificity of telecommunication service requests. Retailers who have turned the responsibility for telecommunication service over to advanced solutions like Continent Telecom offers, have found their business develops in the faster way.

The core competence of Continent Telecom is bridging gaps in the telecommunication service. We guarantee a personalized response to each service request we receive; we guarantee response time of less than twelve hours; we make the phone call experience pleasant and personal for our clients; and we allow our clients to refocus all their energies on their own core competitive competencies.

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General office

Continent Telecom Ltd.
311 Shoreham street
South Yorkdhire ,S2 4FA
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 30262072
Phone: +1 567 2445678
Contact Person

Aaron Carter / manager
Phone: +44 20 30262072
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System IntegrationSystem integration is the way of putting together all the smaller parts called „subsystems” into one big system and ensuring that everything functions successfully together as a system.

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