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Carlos Londono / CEO
Phone: +57 6 3173062481
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Selective Call Routing

Selective Call RoutingThe system allows you to create a list of numbers, which will be redirected in case if the telephone, to which they call, is unavailable. For example, somebody calls you to the office during your absence and the number of the subscriber who is calling is in the list, accordingly this call will be redirected for instance to the phone of your car or some other indicated by you in the system. In case if at the moment of your absence you will be called from a number that is not in the list, the call will not be redirected but most likely will be sent to the voice mail. Thus, you will never miss a call from partners, who are important to you.

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United Kingdom Orbtalk Limited

Orbtalk are a leading Voice over IP provider based in the UK. With a large customer portfolio based throughout the UK and worldwide, Orbtalk aim to provide the right telephony solution for your business.

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