BTC NET Ltd. Bulgaria

BTC-NET is a business oriented company offering high-tech telecommunication solutions and internet services to its customers.

BTC-NET is a business oriented company offering high-tech telecommunication solutions and internet services to its customers.The company is a successor of Sprint Business Telecommunication Company (SBTC) - joint venture between the US leader in the telecommunication business - Sprint (60%) and Bulgarian Telecommunication Company (40%) and of GOCIS (Global One Communications and Information Services) - a joint venture between Global One (60%) and BTC Plc. (40%).Effective from 2001, BTC-NET is 100% owned by BTC AD.In the years of its history the company initiates the commercial supply of data transfer services, and, with opening the first internet node in Bulgaria in 1996 - the real start of internet business in the country.BTC-NET owns an individual license for establishment, maintenance and use of a public telecommunications network for data transfer and supply of public telecommunication services.From the beginning of July 2004, the company manages an international internet connection of 465 Mbps and integrated network for data transfer.The experience and know - how acquired during the long - years cooperation with leading telecommunication operators, well - developed network and the team of well - skilled experts outline the present corporate profile of BTC-NET.

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General office

63, Shipchenski prohod blvd.

Phone: +359 2 932 08 20
Contact Person

Milena Lukanova / Specialist `Sales and analysis of VoIP services`
Phone: +359 2 932 0820
Phone: +359 887 594 866
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