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I want to introduce you to Bridge Voice Inc. We are BridgeVoice Inc; which is a USA based FCC 214 licensed organization with ‘A’ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We are pioneer group in the field of IP-Telephone, providing end to end solutions, services and products for businesses and the end user.

BridgeVoice’s has 2 key domains, namely; Wholesale VoIP & Calling cards. We have state of the art infrastructure and telephone equipment which includes NexTone Multiprotocol Session Controller (MSC) with iView Management System (iVMS) and Sansay.

BridgeVoice has amazing pricing and outstanding quality on our wholesale routes. We are looking to do a symbiotic and an ongoing business with your company. We have a strategy to connect to companies like you & add destinations to our network benefiting mutually each others business by traffic exchange.

BridgeVoice Inc has a 24 x 7 Network Operation Center (NOC) and our head office in New York (USA), our group has its presence around the world. Our point of presence are in New York & Los Angeles (USA), London (UK), Marina Lagos (Nigeria) & Nairobi (Kenya) to provide you with that physical presence and the commercial edge in your area.

Please guide us for interconnection, who should we contact for this?

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General office

80-02, Kew Gardens Road, Suite 1040, Kew Gardens, New York-11415, USA
Newyork ,11415
United States

Phone: +16467274055
Contact Person

Ashish Parikh / Regional Sales Manager
Phone: +16479953876
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SDP Protocols Are Used To Transmit Media Session Information

SDP Protocols Are Used To Transmit Media Session InformationIn 1998, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) published the specification for a Session Description Protocol or SDP as a format that describes parameters for streaming media. The original IETF Proposed Standard was updated in 2006 as RFC 4566. Although the SDP was created as a feature of Session Announcement Protocol (SAP), it can be used with Real-time Transport Protocol, Real-time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), and Session Initiation Protocol, as well as a standalone protocol. Parameter negotiation, session announcement and session invitation are included in the descriptive sessions from the SDP protocol. Rather than transmit data like other types of protocols, an SDP negotiates between media type endpoints, format and properties involved. A session begins when a connection is established, and the session is terminated only after every endpoint is no longer participating.

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