Bodenor S.A. Uruguay

With over 12 years of experience providing the most robust and scalable TDM to IP and IP to IP solutions, Bodenor S.A. understands the needs of the world''s most demanding wholesale service providers and enterprises.

Bodenor S.A. provides a wide range of professional services to our clients working in telecommunications. Our Company is integrated with people of more than 10 years into the Telecomunications field. Bodenor S.A. offers direct routes carriers-termination voice traffic around the world We deliver quality international call termination and provide the global infrastructure that enables enhanced services. The company`s customers include many Call Centers, ITSPs, Calling Card companies, enterprises and Call Shops who outsource their international and domestic voice traffic to us to reduce their cost of transport and service support, while providing service quality indistinguishable from that of traditional phone networks. Bodenor S.A. voice network is a global, scalable Internet communications network that sets the industry standard for Quality of Service. The switchless architecture of Bodenor S.A. enables customers to realize the benefits of IP communications by rapidly deploying new services and simultaneously reducing costs. Bodenor S.A. comprises many of points of presence located throughout America, Europe, and the Middle East. Our Network is optimized to deliver high voice quality with very low latency and packet loss, and low post-dial delay with one-stage dialing. Bodenor S.A. achieves Answer Seizure Ratios (ASR) that are equal to or better than the leading PSTN carriers.

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General office

Bodenor S.A.
Arquitecto Baldomir 2408
Montevideo ,11300

Phone: +17865159710
Phone: +34911868098
Contact Person

Sergio Patrone / V.P. Strategic Relations
Phone: +17865159710
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