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AirTouch WiFiVoIP enable you can enjoy the best of both world, seamlessly. Enjoy the affordable AirTouch WiFiVoIP network when you are within WiFi range and automatic forward calls to your GSM network otherwise. In fact both WiFiVoIP and GSM will work at

AirTouch New Flexi Plan...Choose what you need.....Pay when you useSuper low IDD rates all day...Subscribers get to enjoy high quality IDD calls at super low rates of just USD0.025 cents to 8 popular destinations, anytime of the day. For our budget calls, we even bill you by the seconds, it is great saving.....Call anywhere in the World for Free!!!Unlimited Talk Time!!! Unlimited Messages!!!You can be New York and your friend in Hong Kong, Yakers can talk for Free, as long as you are a member of the AirTouch SIP network. No contracts, No subscription, all you need is to purchase a pair of IP phones from us, is a dream come true.....No limit on the number of instant messages you can send, so go ahead IM one another within the AirTouch SIP network using our IM enabled devices, even to your friends in yahoo and msn.....WiFi Wireless MobilityThrough our state of the art WiFi VoIP system, you can stay in the AirTouch network from any hotspots worldwide. From Airports to hotels, Starbucks to MacDonalds, you can make unlimited calls to your colleagues to discuss your next mega deal. All you need is our WiFi Wireless handset. We support PDA Phones too.....Connected to millions of existing users worldwide on the popular SIP networks.AirTouch SIP network is connected to millions of others already on the SIP network, you can call them and they can call you too. How do they reach you? They simply dial **248 follow by your AirTouch number.....Global Call Forwarding!!! Busy Business Executives will never going to miss a call, never going to miss a potential deal again. Using our intelligent Global Call Forwarding, roam anywhere and you are always contactable. Just forward all calls to any phone nearest to you. If you leave your office in Melbourne to vendor`s office in Sydney for a few hours, you can forward all your IP calls to your mobile phone. If you then travel to your sister`s home in Singapore the next day, you can forward all calls to your sister`s residential phone. Your customers wouldn`t know that you are not at your desk. You don`t have to inform any of your customers, colleagues and friends that you are traveling to so many countries. Just update the forwarded phone number through AirTouch website. You can even forward to multiple phones just in case that you can`t pick up the call, one of your many colleagues will. No more roaming charges,No more miss calls,Great savings,Great convenience,and ... absolute Privacy.....Voice MailThe party your are calling is busy or away, just leave a voice mail. Conventional, Simple and Easy to use.US DID(beta)AirTouch links a regular US phone number to your IP Phone. Your IP phone will now also be a regular phone virtually in the United States. So no matter where you are in the world, you are virtually in the United States. Your business partner will be able to call you using their regular phone at a very low rate even if you are actually in the middle of Africa because caller pay only the US rates..... 3-Way Call Conferencing (Value Added Service)3 parties, 3 locations, 1 solution. AirTouch bring them together through our 3-Way Call Conferencing service. The easiest way to host a meeting remotely, the easiest way to stay in touch..... Multi-Party ConferenceMany parties in Many countries, One Solution. AirTouch Multi-Party Call Conferencing service when activated by the host will send all the participants email notifications. All parties involved will just have to call the assigned phone number at the right time.....Secured, Reliable and absolutely Scalable BizTouch solution is secured using the industrial most advance encryption technology to ensure that your voice calls and messages are protected. Reliable is extremely critical for corporate. AirTouch servers are best of its class with built in multiple redundancy to maximize uptime..... BizTouch is absolutely scalable from a few hundred users to thousands of professionals. You no longer have to pay for 1000 users when you have just 100 employees, pay for exactly what you need.Integrating Voice and Data Services into one platform, BizTouch delivers benefits of a converging network, reduce operation costs, improve productivity and greater flexibility..... Easy Management, Accounting and BudgetingNo late bills, missing bills, doubtful bills. You can see your employee call history instantaneously, online as soon as the call ends. No more nightmares for your accounting department, no more shocking phone bills at the end of the month. You will know how much your employee have spent and be in control all the time. If this is not easy enough, we make it even easier, you pay ONLINE.....BizTouch Benefits-You will get -Choice of corporate numbers-Free consultancy on how to integrate our secured, reliable and scalable WiFi -VoIP system into your corporate network.-Easy Management, Accounting and Budgeting of your corporate phone accounts. -No PBX, No hardware maintenance

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KokWei Lum / Director
Phone: +65 68771030
Phone: +65 96963771
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Cisco 6945 Unified IP PhoneCisco 6945 Business class IP phone model ensures video communication support and expanded possibilities. This device supports up to four lines, has full-duplex loudspeaker communication, supports call holding option on each line and perfectly suits administrational personnel, financial structures, managers etc.

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