Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb

By activating this function all incoming calls are blocked and automatically redirected to the answering machine. The function can be switched on and switched off at any moment.

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Shared Call Appearance

Shared Call Appearance“Shared Call” gives an opportunity to show the “line” of the certain person (manager) on one or several phones. It is useful for executive secretaries, when the line of the director is also seen on the telephone display of the executive secretary. Additionally the program can be customized so to show the main line on more than one phone, thus, gives an opportunity to answer the call from several places.

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Taiwan EZTone United Inc,

Easytone Technology, Inc. (Hongkong), launched in 1997, is dedicated to the system integration of Internet/IP-Network Voice Solutions and value-added services among datacom and telecom fields.

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