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Yeastar NeoGate TG200

Yeastar NeoGate TG200

Yeastar NeoGate TG200 is a modern VoIP-GSM gateway designed for a single channel, expandable to two channels. Yeastar NeoGate helps you to save on costs of communication, using the so-called choice of the best route for the call. With NeoGate TG200 gateway you will be provided with a backup communication channel in case of sudden failure of the wired phone system. It is possible by means of NeoGate and to provide telephony in remote and isolated location offices. Yeastar NeoGate TG200 model is a more modern model alternatively to Yeastar NeoGate in metal case.

The high quality of the voice signal transmission is the main advantage of the device. Among the main features of the device, one can distinguish integrated SIP-Proxy, designed for IP-phone, send and receive SMS service through the web-interface and Call Back feature. To enhance the quality of signal reception, the device allows you to install an external antenna.

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Detail & Phone Usage Summary Reports

Detail & Phone Usage Summary Reports This program allows you to control the use of the telephone, how many minutes you talk, where you have called, what amount of data is downloaded and so on. Thus, it helps you to fit in the framework of the contract conditions. The program is mainly used in mobile phones.

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