Yealink VP530

Yealink VP530

On April 10, 2012 the company Yealink, a leading manufacturer of IP-phones and VoIP communication systems, has announced the official start of sales of the new IP videophone Yealink VP530.

Yealink VP530 is designed for business users and combines outstanding audio quality and video with additional applications, which is available on the big display of the phone.
Yealink VP530 is replacing its predecessor VP-2009P videophone, retaining all of the best qualities and the deserved glory of this phone, such as the magnificent HD sound, a large touch screen with a resolution of 800x480, and a powerful processor that allows you to easily work with H .264 and H.263 video codec support. Moreover VP530 brings new features, the most important of which is to organize 3-way video conferencing, and support for up to four VoIP accounts. The phone has already integrated support system for applications working with SIP intercoms and IP cameras.
Integrated MCU support, allows carrying out 3-way videoconferencing, which is unique to the phone in this price category, and allows avoiding the costs of purchasing expensive MCU hardware. Such a solution may be crucial for business users who need to conduct remote meetings and to create the conference room effect.

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