Teles iGate

Teles iGate

Teles iGate was specially developed for medium and large enterprises, who use ISDN-PBX hardware and communication channels integrated in GSM network.

Teles iGate is a professional multichannel GSM gateway with digital ISDN PRI connection protocol. It is powerful functional communication device of operator class, specially designed for medium and large enterprises using ISDN-PBX hardware and channels integrated in GSM networks. Teles iGates ensures stable and reliable service as a device requiring no additional services, as a result an option of remote control is available, and additionally a possibility to reserve communication channels for continuous work. This device has advanced functions, service capabilities and high stable work rate at high work load.
With help of Teles iGate GSM gateway you can use more favorable tariffs. In comparison to other options, expenses on telephone communications between land lines and cell phones will be reduced from 30% to 70%. Due to the integration of all basic functionalities and software, your expenses on additional functions and functionality will be reduced.
The usage of Teles iGate GSM system recourses can be optimized due to the availability of two reserve GSM channels. In all cases Teles iGate provides high communication standard of operator class, including optional SS7 alarm and the network control system. For corporate clients multichannel Teles iGate GSM gateway is a reliable basal for specific applications, which probably are not accessible in cheaper devices and solutions.

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