Sony PCS-TL33P

Sony PCS-TL33P

With the improvement of the quality of IP networks changes the work style, which now includes a more efficient use of communication tools such as video conferencing. In order to meet the needs of people taking a new style of work, Sony expands its line of IPELA video communications with personal videoconferencing system Sony PCS-TL33P.

Sony PCS-TL33P is completely new videoconferencing system that allows you to instantly communicate with your business partners through IP networks. This system is ideal for personal use in the workplace and can even be used in a small working space. Sony PCS-TL33P is the video system built on the "all-in-one" principle, it includes: a digital PTZ (pan / tilt / zoom) camera, 17.1 inch LCD WXGA widescreen, capable of performing the function of PC Monitor, speakers and microphone, all in one stylish package.
In order to make the job easy and convenient Sony PCS-TL33P was designed with a number of distinctive features, such as: single user interface, transparent cascading menus, mouse control. You can call to any of the 30 numbers in your address book by simply pressing the corresponding icon. In addition, the system allows capturing and storing images taken directly from the video, which can later be associated with the directory. Also, you can install additional Sony PCSA-DSM1, and you will be able to output video data to additional data display. Other features worth noting are flexible video display settings, Memory Stick, QoS support, encryption support, and others.
Using Sony PCS-TL33P increases the efficiency of the connection, thanks to an adequate perception of the situation in a videoconference. Due to the high quality of audio and video information, statements, voice tone, body language become recognizable as if the meeting was face-to-face. Sony PCS-TL33P is the perfect solution for personal video conferencing.

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