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Snom 320 IP phone

Snom 320 IP phone

Snom 320 IP phone is a powerful business phone with full-duplex speakerphone and three-way conference call bridge, and while having it all on board Snom 320 IP phone is accessible to any user.

Monochrome LCD display 2 x 24 and menu focused navigation are designed to simplify interactions with the phone. Flexible options indicating the status of various channels are supported by 12 programmable keys with backlight.
Memory for the last 100 calls, integrated phone book for 100 numbers (data can be easily imported and exported), custom or downloadable ringtone, different variants of call blocking modes, "do not disturb", auto-answer, and other innovative features reinforce confidence in the Snom 320 and improve its performance. Snom 320 Ip phone’s built in web-server allows simple configuration of end-user's settings, monitoring calls in real time, as well as accessing call history.
Snom 320 IP phone can be operated remotely, the ability to update the system software and unique simplicity of installation, and for the most part, self-configuration will find use in any office. Snom 320 supports a wide range of codecs and is fully compatible with the latest SIP recommendations; STUN support (to pass through NAT), ENUM (for converting dialed numbers), and other advanced features allow to flexibly integrate this phone into local proxies, IP telephony stations or virtual PBX.
Snom 320 IP phone supports SRTP security standards, as well as IETF specifications for protection against eavesdropping, and TLS for protection against eavesdropping authentication and signaling.
General cost of owning IP-telephony network is significantly reduced, due to built-in 3-way Conference Bridge, you do not have to buy any additional equipment for conference calls. Besides it improves voice quality and reduces delays.

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Music on Hold

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