Siemens Gigaset S670, S675 and S675 IP

Siemens Gigaset S670, S675 and S675 IP

Siemens Gigaset phones are wireless DECT phones with enlarged backlit display (supports up to 65,000 colors), a set of easy-access buttons, intuitive menus and excellent sound transmission. Gigaset S675 IP model offers new capabilities of inexpensive Internet telephony.

Gigaset S675 and S675 IP with integrated answering machine can store up to 40 minutes of audio messages. Answering machine also has the function of sending SMS-alerts on incoming voice messages to another mobile or landline phone (depending on the service delivery network operator), and the answering machine messages can be listened remotely.
Gigaset S675 IP is a first phone supporting High Definition Sound Performance through a broadband connection, which greatly improves sound quality. Like any other hybrid phone of Gigaset series, S675 IP model features an easy connection and settings system without a need of using computer, and it gives the user the ability to choose between a standard fixed-line and Internet IP-telephony with just one push of a button.
Thanks to the new ECO-DECT technology from Siemens and the use of energy-efficient components, Gigaset S670, S675 and S675 IP provide users with savings in energy consumption up to 60% compared to conventional energy sources. Moreover, the base station is able to adjust the signal depending on the distance of the handset and reduce the signal strength to almost zero when the handset is close to the base station. Additionally, by using additional handsets (up to 6 handsets at the same time), user can manually adjust the power of the signal, reducing the range of the phone up to about 25-30 meters.

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