Sangoma Vega 100

Sangoma Vega 100

Vega 100 is a new type of VoIP gateway, providing its users with flexibility in meeting business requirements for capacity, deployment, compatibility, and development in the future. Unlike competing products, this gateway provides maximum throughput - up to 30 channels for all supported VoIP calls without compromising the quality of services. Installation of Vega 100 does not interfere with the rest of the hardware and is completely transparent to end users.

This gateway is ideal for enterprises and service providers (ISPs). In a corporate network Vega 100 gateway ensures calls between remote offices of the company and they are routed through the network directly from the user's IP PBX, which reduces the cost of telephone calls, eliminating the PSTN.
Using Vega 100 VoIP gateway as a service provider will provide you with two important functions within your provided services. Vega 100 gateway can be installed at the customers place and connected to its PBX. Alternatively, you can connect Vega 100 to other operators as a small PSTN gateway; it can be done so when the traffic volume is not so great you can use it as a high-density operator gateway.
In addition to using it as a general purpose device and the corporate network service provider, Vega 100 gateway is suitable for a wide range of applications with high regulatory requirements for performance and capacity.

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