Sangoma B500 Board

Sangoma B500 Board

Sangoma B500 boards are designed for easy integration with open source projects, including Asterisk and FreeSWITCH, as well as other open source and IP PBX, Switch, IVR, and VoIP Gateway applications. B500 boards provide developers with new efficient solutions and cost effective connectivity.

A great number of small businesses around the world use ISDN Basic Rate (BRI) interface to economically connect to PSTN. We are pleased to offer a solution that will make available new and innovative products to this important market„ - said Frederic Dickey, director of product management at Sangoma. Telephone Interface Card Sangoma B500 BRI allows developers to create attractive telecommunication products and services that address the specific niches where BRI is the best choice for connecting to PSTN.
B500 board provides high quality audio and scalability in a standard PCI Express form. B500 expansion board supports 2 or 4 BRI ports, each of which is independently configurable for network (NT), or user (TE) configuration. B500 board provides full support for Asterisk and FreeSwitch, as well as many other open sources applications and PBX’s for common IVR and VoIP solutions. B500 also supports both operating systems Windows Security and Linux, bringing more flexibility for developers.
Additional operator-class echo cancellation algorithms are implemented on the board to minimize the potential impact on the CPU of the host server and provide superior call quality. In addition, B500 supports wide range of media codecs for compatibility with virtually any application or VoIP network.

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