Quintum AFT800

Quintum AFT800

Unified solution Quintum AFT800 integrates in itself a gateway, a gatekeeper, and intelligent call routing, Quality of Service (QoS). Tenor device has to be connected to the data network via the Ethernet 10/100 port, to the telephone network through a PBX or to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

To achieve the best combination of cost and quality, Tenor gateway can intelligently routes calls between the PBX, the public switched network (PSTN) and the IP-network. Taking advantage of a universal dial plan, Quintum ® Tenor ® AFG400 supports both public and private numbering plans. This flexibility cannot be provided by any other VoIP gateway solution.
Quintum Tenor AFT800 switch is the only VoIP solution that can be installed without changes or improvements to the existing voice network, PBX and IP-networks. Tenor connects to the data network through a 10/100 Ethernet interface, and to a PBX and the public telephone network via a two-wire analog interfaces.
For configuring and monitoring devices Tenor uses a range of powerful and intuitive tools. Tool kit includes Tenor Configuration Manager, Tenor Monitor and the ability to work with external Tenor Remote Management Session Server.
Due to PacketSaver ™ technology, Quintum Tenor AFT800 reduces IP-loading up to 57% by combining multiple voice packets into one, thereby reducing the amount of transmitted information.
Tenor VoIP MultiPath Switch has a unique technology of addresses. Technically innovative solution NATAccess ™ solves the problem of NAT-firewalls, which often translate internal IP-addresses into public addresses not correctly when a VoIP connection is established.

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PC to Phone

PC to PhoneThis is a type of communication where the internet enabled application or phone, for example Skype or Google Voice is connected to an ordinary phone.

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