Portech SBK-32

Portech SBK-32

By using Portech SBK-32 expander for 32 SIM-cards, you can increase the number of channels in the Portech MV-37X GSM VoIP gateway series using the Internet.

With Portech SBK-32 expander, there is no need to install a SIM-card directly to the gateway you can simply place your GSM gateways in different parts of the country. Using this device, you can place and serve all SIM-cards from one place.
Convenient body of the device makes work with SIM cards quick and safe. All SIM-cards are stored and managed in one place. In addition you will be able to save on communication, choosing the tariff plans based on your needs. By using SBK-32 you can install all required SIM-cards in the office and change the port used for the SIM-card in seconds. Portech MV-37X GSM gateway series are connected to read and register SIM-cards of GSM network.
Characteristics: Chassis for 32 SIM-cards User-friendly interface for SIM-cards Management and monitoring via web interface Choice of convenient calling plans Flexible forwarding Remote routing of calls to SIM-cards between connected gateways Size: 200 x 165 x 140 mm

Providers in database: 6433
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