Patton SmartNode 4110

Patton SmartNode 4110

SmartNode 4110 VoIP Media Gateway is a business class gateway, which provides support for up to 8 transparent phone calls and connects VoIP for carrier and corporate access. It can be connected to any analog PBX, Fax or phone, SN4110 is a flexible and effective solution for enhanced carrier services, bypassing tolls and remote/branch office connectivity.

The SN 4110 is the wise choice for establishing phone to IP connections, with support of up to 8 FXS ports or a combination of 4 FXS and 2/4 FXO ports. Via its FXS analog ports it can be connected to any traditional phone or PBX station providing dial tone, caller-ID, ringing and other services. Being equipped with FXO ports, local PSTN is accessible enabling local calls and enhanced toll bypassing applications using a single connected phone device. Its flexible integration of call allows per port telephone numbers, distinctive ringing and programmable call progress tones. Through ToIP (Telephony over IP) call switching, calls can be automatically routed to the PSTN or IP network while offering flexible numbering plans and end-to-end transparency of features. DHCP, PPPoE and VLAN offers universal IP connectivity and optional IPSEC VPN with AES/3DES ensures security of voice over the network.

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BYOD support

BYOD supportHow do companies can support BYOD programmes? There are two basic approaches: “BYO” and “Stipend” models:

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